As a pet owner it’s important to make sure you’re keeping your beloved four legged friends safe. We need to provide them with a way to get plenty of exercise and time outdoors, but we have to do so in a way that keeps them out of harm. Personally I’m a dog owner, and while I’d love to walk my dog Sherry all day long that simply not a feasible way to do it, and I feel bad keeping her tied up to a post all day so I went searching for solutions.

The most obvious option is to install a fence so that the Sherry can run free through the yard all day long while I’m busy taking care of business and the house. The problem is that in a coastal area like Terra Ceia Bay you really don’t want to put a fence up. Not only will it block your view, but it will also mess with your neighbor’s views and make your house look less nice from the water. It’s also just out of place in a neighborhood like this – it’s simply not a picket fence type of place like you see in other suburban regions across America. After a little bit of searching around the web I started putting a little more effort into an invisible dog fence. I’d seen some of my friends use them years ago, but that’s all I really knew about them. It turns out they are a great solution to exactly my scenario.

Why I Chose an Invisible Dog Fence

I was a little bit skeptical about the invisible dog fence idea at first. With nothing to physically keep Sherry in, what was to really keep her from escaping and running through the neighborhood unleashed? I saw enough positive reviews on the internet though that I thought I might give it a try. If you’ve never looked into them before, the price of these systems is not too bad. Especially when you compare it to the price of installing a real fence.

From what I can tell there are two main types of invisible fence system. The first type is actually dug into the ground where you want the barrier to be for your dog, and the second type is a wireless system entirely. In my younger days I may have opted for the first option, but these days I’m always happy to try out the easier option so it was wireless for me. I went with one of the options by PetSafe. If you’re trying to find one yourself, I found this website to be particularly useful:

Best invisible dog fence review guide.

I’ve only just gotten the system up and running, so I can’t say I can give it my full approval quite yet. What I can say is that it has been very easy to set up and start using, and that Sherry has taken to it quite well. We haven’t had any problems with it at all yet, and I sure hope it stays that way. My back yard looks so much cleaner than it did when I had sherry leashed to a post, and it’s nice to know that she can run around unhindered by a leash while I take care of my own work. If you’re in similar situation to me then these types of systems are definitely worth looking into. For the price you pay there’s little to loose.