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Shopping Bonuses and Discounts Credit Cards Give

When a client opens a credit card, he gets not only the actual loan sum but also many attractive bonuses and discounts. Therefore, when the client chooses the credit card, he has to read in detail what advantages particular plastic brings.

There are several types of bonuses each credit card can give:

  • Free airmiles. The client can cumulate them and then get the discount on the flight.
  • Discounts in particular shops.
  • Cashback on purchase in a shopping mall.
  • Reductions on holiday offers.

These bonuses are very attractive to the clients. People who travel a lot appreciate airmiles rewards. Those who have a calm lifestyle enjoy large discounts in the shopping centers. On top, the cashback bonus is always good to enjoy.


Cashback bonus at the shops

The majority of credit cards offer a unique bonus. It is the cashback from each purchase. When a person shops, he can easily get a refund on each purchase.

The sum of money refunded usually depends on issuing bank regulations. For the majority of cards, it is approximately 3 percent on each purchase.

The client can cumulate this seed money on the account and spend them on a big purchase at the end of the year. Though a person has to understand that the banks often limit the number of shops for this type of bonus. So, do not get surprised that you won’t get the refund for some of the purchases.


Get discounts at the shopping malls

The banks make everything possible to attract the clients. Businesses also need its clientele. Therefore, companies and banks cooperate. They develop together the discounts programs the credit card holders can get.

In order to know discounts at which shop you can get, it is advisable to contact your banker. He will surely, give you the updated list of shops you get a good discount at. It is also possible to read such information on bank’s website.

If a person is a regular client of one particular shopping mall, it is advisable to open a store credit card. Such a plastic is truly unique. It gives the discounts in only one store. For this type of a plastic, the discounts can be as high as 15 percent. Though, the interest rates can be quite high.

Discounts attract greatly credit card holders. They make them purchase with pleasure. They also make it possible to economize during the shopping.

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