About Us

Welcome to Terra Ceia Bay, a place on the internet dedicated to home, lifestyle, and happenings in Terra Ceia Bay, FL, as well as the greater Tampa Bay area. I’ve lived in the area for years with my husband and we absolutely love it here. As a retired English teacher, I’ve found that I’ve been wanting to write to keep my skills sharp. Since I am such an avid promoter of our lovely city and all of its great offerings, many of my friends suggested that I start a blog to talk about some of my favorite topics.

So that’s where terraceiabay.com comes in! I made a place where I can make my voice heard. My friends say that they love to hear my opinions on the local happenings. I’m not entirely sure I believe them, but I’ll take it as enough encouragement to see where this website goes.

If you have any questions about Terra Ceia Bay or the Tampa area in general please make sure I hear them. I love writing about just about anything, but I love it even more if I can answer people’s specific questions – especially if I can help them out.

I hope you enjoy my site, thank you for reading!


Mary Ward