Terra Ceia Bay Country Club 

2802 Terra Ceia Bay Blvd., Palmetto, FL 34221


Hole # 18, Homeward Bound

Par 4; 255 yards; A must carry on the tee shot over Terra Ceia Bay's signature lake leads to a short second shot. Pull it left and you are out of bounds or fade right and you will find the water.

Hole # 17, Corner

Par 3; 120 yards; The large lake requires all carry to the green and the sand trap left comes into play for all those trying to avoid the water.

Hole # 16, Poolside

Par 3; 160 yards; With water running the entire right side and out of bounds left, a straight tee shot is a must making this the second handicap hole on the course.

Hole # 15, The Oak

Par 4; 282 yards; The large oak tree in the left center of the fairway makes the golfer decide what kind of tee shot they would like to play. large mounds surrounding the green demand a precise second shot.

Hole # 14, Shadows

Par 3; 105 yards; The small narrow green demands an accurate shot. out of bounds on left and right with large mounds surrounding the green, add to the difficulty of this hole.

Hole # 13, Barnyard

Par 3; 150 yards; The small creek just short of the greens gathers many of the misplayed tee shots. The sloping green from back to front makes the touch of that first putt most critical.

Hole # 12, Postage Stamp

Par 4; 273 yards; A carry over water, lateral hazard left and out of bounds right add to the charm of this hole. The narrow fairway and small narrow green demand accuracy on each shot. 

Hole # 11, The Bay

Par 3; 105 yards; This short and picturesque Par 3 requires all carry over the pond and the traps right and left catch many an errant tee shot.

Hole # 10, The Palm

Par 3; 170 yards; One of the few holes with no water. Out of bounds on left and right on a narrow fairway with large undulations contribute to the difficulty on the challenging Par 3.

Hole # 9, Midway

Par 4; 267 yards; Strategy is required to play this hole. The long hitter can sometimes reach the green but out of bounds right and left and over the green demand a pure tee shot. A large deep bunker protects the front of the green and a large sloping green adds to the challenge.

Par 4; 332 yards; Demands a straight tee shot with water on the left and out of bounds right with slopes inviting both hazards in to play.

Hole # 7, The Slope

Par 3; 195 yards; Bordered by out of bounds on both sides, this long par 3 demands the best of tee shots. A large trap on the front left and the most undulating green on the course makes this the most demanding of the Par 3's.

Hole # 8, The Carry

Par 3; 198 yards; A long demand carry over water and OB over the green, along with a large trap on the left call for your best tee shot of the day.

Hole # 5, Twin Oaks

Par 4; 270 yards; Water right and then carry over water on the 2nd shot as well as out of bounds left and a fairway guarded by two large oak trees make this one of the trickier holes on the course.

Hole # 4, The Challenge

Par 4; 352 yards; The most demanding tee shot on the course out of bounds right, water left on a very narrow fairway and two bunkers right and left guarding the green makes this the number # 1 handicap hole.

Hole # 2, Gate View

Par 3; 154 yards; The tee shot must carry the water and avoid overhanging tree branches.

Hole # 3, Lakeside

Hole # 6, Gazebo

Par 3; 178 yards; Any mishit to this green and you are sure to find the water. The long sloping green makes two putting a challenge.

Hole # 1,  The Start

Par 4; 325 yards.; Features a tee shot that must carry the water and a long narrow green sloping from back to front.