The real estate market in Florida is tough, and it’s actually a bit volatile. Depending on the side of the deal you’re on – buying or selling – there’s a good chance you’re either in a great position or a rather undesirable position. There are a number of factors that seem to influence public sentiment, such as severe weather events and the strength of the country’s economy for example. It’s still nearly impossible to predict what will happen though.

That said, I’ve seen enough houses bought and sold in the Tampa Bay area to know that regardless of the market conditions there are just some things in common with homes that fly off the market as opposed to those that sit with “for sale” signs in their front yard for seemingly an eternity. Let’s dig into some of the features that are common amongst the desirable homes in the Tampa Bay area.

Great Views

This is a no-brainer. Properties with a gorgeous view of the bay and access to a fantastic patch of beach are almost always swept up quickly by prospective buyers, regardless of market conditions. Sure you may get a better deal when the market is hot, but you’ll always be able to offload a piece of property with a beautiful view. These properties are few and far between, so if you have your hands on one make sure you know what it’s worth.

Proximity To The Essentials

As human beings we love convenience, there’s simply no question. If one grocery store is five minutes away and the other grocery store is seven minutes away, it’s incredibly probable that we’ll end up at the closer one nine times out of ten, even if it’s a bit more expensive. We all lead busy lifestyles, even if what keeps us “busy” is getting back to relaxing. Of course, what is going to be important to a prospective buyer will vary, but things like grocery stores, liquor stores, restaurants, and beaches are relatively safe bets. Walking distance and accessibility is the icing on the cake here, and the more you can have in a single property the more desirable it’s going to be when it hits the market.

Attached Garage

Almost nobody would prefer to park their car out in the elements as opposed to having it in a conveniently located garage that is attached to your home. Surprisingly, there are a lot of homes in the area that are not built with attached garages. If you have an attached garage it’s certainly going to be a plus. Just make sure that it’s equipped with a high quality garage door opener, as the salty air from the Bay tends to have a field day with lower quality components. Check out BGDOR’s buying guide to see if your garage door openers are up to snuff.

Well Designed Kitchen

As working people we spend a very small time in our house in reality. Most of this is in our bedrooms during the eight hours of sleep we get at night. Otherwise it’s in the kitchen, where you’re either making food on a daily basis or eating in a dining room that is auxiliary to the kitchen. A well designed kitchen will be desirable in just about any home, and that’s no different here in the Tampa Bay area.

Pride of Ownership

It’s amazing how many homeowners let their homes get out of date and neglect small projects that would otherwise keep it in the best of shape. It’s nothing against them, I understand. Many of these upgrades are not absolute necessities. However, as homes age and take on the appearance of aging, it goes without saying that they’ll start to look outdated. If you’re able to stay on top of projects as they arise you can maintain an appearance that your home is brand new, even if it was built a decade or decades in the past. Buyers don’t want projects. They want to move in and enjoy their home. If you’re expecting to get top dollar for your home, you’re going to have to give the buyers what they want.